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The Undefended Heart

The Undefended Heart Intensive begins each October and runs until late April. During the months, we engage a deep process of releasing ourselves from those places where we protect and defend the heart against others, and against life. The Undefended Heart Series will provide a place to practice radical honesty regarding our story of the self, and the world. A place to realize that it is our thoughts and beliefs about our 'self' which cause us to protect, defend and suffer. In short, we  come to come to know the real 'truth': you are not your story, and our narrow focus on that obscures the expansive, uninhibited and brilliant awareness which is you. 

The format of the group involves working with a small group of individuals over a period of eight months. This allows for participants to sink deeply into the material within the safety of established relationships and the continuity of regular support for deep, sustained practice. The series involves 5 Saturday sessions and one weekend intensive spread out over the 8 months, beginning in October 2020. Practices and other homework assignments will be given over the months to sustain and deepen your growth in between group meetings. Limited to 10 people. If you have questions about the group, please email Louis or call 541-687-2835.

Group Particulars:

The group begins October 2020.  Dates TBA

Cost for the group is $150/session, or $945 if paid entirely in advance. Once you have participated in the first group, you will be asked to commit to the entire series. If you cannot attend a session, portions of it can be recorded for you to listen later.

To Register For The Undefended Heart

If I do not know you, I will require a private meeting in person or by phone to discuss the group and see if it is right for you.

Please email me to state your intent, and a registration deposit of $100.00 is required to hold your space. Checks can be made out to Radiant Life Center and sent to 5319 Donald St, Eugene, Or 97405;

If you wish to pay by credit card, that can be handled via phone call once your participation is confirmed.

Email Louis for information and registration or call


For more information or to register please email Louis at or call 541-687-2835.