We always appreciate hearing your feedback.

"I go away from each session feeling lighter in my body and in my mind. I now feel better in my body more of the time. I can feel my own power. My sessions with you have felt more powerful than other therapy I have done and you provided support and guidance during a very difficult time in my life." B.B.

"My experience in sessions with Trinity, is of being completely heard, noticed, understood, loved and accepted. Also, I feel contained -- emotionally "held." You have a way of keeping me "in the light" that is so beautiful!" MD

"The work we have done together has been nothing short of life changing, for me.
This is what true en-couragement (the giving/building of courage & heart) can be. How that manifests in my life is that I have become able to, well, to actualize the Serenity Prayer. I am -- slowly but surely, growing the Courage to change the things I can change ... along with Acceptance of things out of my domain, and Wisdom to know the difference." - MT

"There are so many ways in which working with Louis has deeply and profoundly changed, sharpened and honed my very being. Louis has razor-sharp insightfulness and strong intuitive powers and is able to guide me to my interior to see where the error in thinking originated. Louis brings compassion, lightness, humor and lovingly guides me right back toward my true nature". TC

"Trinity brings amazing compassion, trust and quieting energy to her work. I've always felt cradled by the Divine in her presence as she ask for highest intention to be known in each situation." TC

"Louis and Trinity are jewels and I've come to realize how fortunate I've been to have them in my life and how blessed we are in this community to have such gifted teachers, counselors and guides." AM

"I had been in traditional talk therapy on and off for years, however I felt stagnated by it. From our very first session, and with every session since then, I have experienced incredible healing, deep healing, at the very "core" of my being. I have never been able to peel back the layers of all the "stuff" so easily before; those outward manifestations of what is going on internally, that have separated me from my heart and my spirit. After our sessions, I am always amazed as how quickly you help me to access my own divinity....in a moment of breath, I am there...connected in spirit, in touch with that higher self and knowing the divine nature of all that surrounds us. I am able to heal old wounds and to hear the answers that have been waiting so patiently for me. You also provide me with the tools to continue this work on my own; simple, useful tools that I can add into my daily practice...also something I had prayed for." MB

Testimonials from our couple's retreats

A few words from past participant.

The Radiant Loving Couples Retreat is one that we highly recommend to any couples wanting to develop a deeper sense of love, acceptance, and understanding between themselves. It was obvious from the moment we arrived that Trinity and Louis have been working together for years on developing the best retreat they can; from the first evening and their creation of a truly open and sharing space, we knew we had chosen correctly in signing up. Rather than focusing on trouble, pain, and other negativity, the Radiant Loving Retreat is centered around a becoming better individuals within the relationship, around presence, and around practices that can be taken home once the weekend is over and used as part of a daily regime to continue building (or repairing) communication channels and love between each other.
We will certainly attend another retreat again. C&J, Florence Oregon

We wanted to thank Trinity and Louis for not only facilitating a beautiful weekend experience but also for providing us the tools to use everyday going forward. We have already put them to use! On our trip home we were both able to enjoy the view and a discussion processing the events and emotions of the weekend. It was a meaningful end to a pivotal weekend. Our marriage is stronger than ever. We have connected on a level that we have always dreamed of. We aspire to keep that connection alive and look forward to using the tools daily. We also look forward to working with you in the future. J&LS-Mill Creek, Washington

"I just want to take a few moments to express my appreciation to both of you for holding the Pathways to Radiant Loving Couples Retreat. My husband and I really moved to a much more unified space during the weekend and that has to an amazing extent, remained in place. I found the workshop to be a great blend of relaxation, couple time and group work. The most profound aspect of it is that I got to own all my projections and was then freed up to really love more- both my husband and myself, actually. So, thanks for your presence and your intent and for creating this. Much love and gratitude to you both". DB - Eugene, OR

"The retreat was awesome, we were both able to open up to each other. Being in a group realizing that all of us go through similar things was so helpful . And both of you are such great facilitators!
Thank You."
BR - Eugene, OR

“Words do not adequately describe what took place for us at the retreat but I know we have been touched by Grace and it feels so sweet. Our hearts spoke to one another and through your loving presence we continued to open more and more. It was so beautiful to watch and feel each others happiness and pain. What a teaching!!!! What a truly magical life it is.”
VF - Lorane, OR

Testimonials from Louis' Undefended Heart Class

"Louis is a multi-faceted diamond, who shines with so many tools for healing you will find him invaluable in your next level of growth no matter what particular path you are on. In the Undefended Heart series, you come face to face with your deepest truth..that which you are has always been there and is available when you open to it. The series is layered in such a way through Louis' expert use of inquiry, witnessing, recapitulation, breathwork and many other energetic tools from his toolbox that the egoic structure finds in difficult to hide out in it's old patterns and belief structures. In gratitude" Terry Caron

"Signing up for the Undefended Heart Series was one of the best things I have done for my own spiritual growth. Louis gave me concrete skills like
"inquiry" that I use on a daily basis. I have strengthened my own practice and clarified my own spiritual path. If you are ready to move forward and
take responsibility for our own life and growth I would recommend you signup for the Undefended Heart Series." Tammy Lesueur La Pine Oregon.

"Louis Carosio's Undefended Heart series led me through the most transformative period in my life. He creates a safe environment for everyone. I am so thankful that I found Louis at this time in my life, and that I took a chance on the Undefended Heart series. It has been invaluable to me. I've witnessed and learned from others in the group, and they have discovered as much about themselves as I have about me. I experienced a huge step forward on being able to live a truly authentic, courageous life. Thank you, Louis!" Toni Daniels

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