No Complaints! Take the Ride

Posted on by Radiant Life Center

2016 brings an end to the year we dedicated to "Je Dis Oui" (I say yes). The power in this practice was the opening into what we desired or were attached to and what we were adverse or opposed to. Said another way, it is the practice of allowing everything as it is. The practice during the year was profound. However, it was the last two months of 2016 that upped our practice to a new level. The election, together with an epic ice storm that left us without power for 6 days, took down two trees from our property, and left us without internet for over two 2 weeks had us digging deep to allow it all to just be-to say yes to things exactly as they were. Remembering that when we argue with reality, we always lose ... and we suffer.

It has served us to frequently recall the last line in the Buddhist
"Four Immeasurables" prayer.

May all beings live in the great equanimity,
which is free from all attachment and aversion.

There can only be equanimity when we are free from attachment and aversion. Our teacher Adyashanti teaches ""Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable." That is saying YES in the biggest way. Soon after the election, Adya taught that we can only bring positive action to a situation if we are not ourselves ensconced in the negative emotions and actions that we see before us. His advice was allowing life to unfold as it is and to act from a place of peace and equanimity within our self. That is the most powerful action.

A new year lies ahead. Every single day we are called upon to practice unconditional follow through of our aspiration: to see suffering (resistance to what is) as it lives in our own mind and heart first, open through it, and then live and act to the best of our ability from a place of equanimity.

Our personal theme for 2017 (which guides our practice) occurred to us very recently. It is "No Complaints, Take the Ride!". For us, this is another call to equanimity. A practice of not losing ourselves in complaining but to open into every situation and see what we are called to be or do. We suspect 2017 is going to be quite a ride. We are ready to take it.

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Wishing you all equanimity in 2017!
Trinity and Louis