Life Unfolds

Posted on by Radiant Life Center

"Life unfolds along the lines of what you value most".

This quote is a favorite from one of our favorite teachers, Adyashanti. It calls us to the question ~ what DO we value most? In the truth of our heart do we value our loved ones and the preciousness of each day? Do we value the quality of our life and time? To us, a very important follow up question is, do our daily actions contribute to that value? So often, what we say we value can be occluded by our thoughts, our defenses, our old behaviors and wounds. Maybe we know what we value but allow our life to unfold each day in the trance of incredible busyness, work, devices and distractions rather than putting our attention toward what is really important to us. How do we align our actions with what we value most so that life unfolds along those lines? These are questions we sit with everyday.

We have just returned from a precious 5 day silent retreat with Adyashanti. Hard to put words to the depth of our experience; it was deeply illuminating and trans-formative for us both. Participating was our own expression of placing our actions behind what we value most and allowing our life to unfold along those lines. A truly exquisite experience, we return renewed and rededicated to our values and to our work.  Trinity & Louis