Do you need support and tools to help you through this challenging time? We are here!  With our presence, compassion and energetic/spiritual approach we offer ourselves as guides through life in the time of pandemic.  Our body/mind/spirit approach can offer you the wholistic support you need. We are seeing clients both in person and via tele-therapy.

We feel that our decades of emotional and spiritual work has prepared us to be of great service at this time.

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The Evolutionary Perspective . . . 

We believe that our greatest learning and growth arises from the very aspects of our lives that challenge us the most.   Living from this evolutionary perspective ourselves, we offer and teach only what we know to be useful and helpful. Our wholistic approach integrates Mind, Body and Spirit. Enjoy exploring our services and we hope to meet you someday! 

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About Louis and Trinity

Hello, We are Louis Carosio and Trinity Harris and we are co-founders of The Radiant Life Center and Pathways to Radiant Loving.  For the past 35+ years we have been seekers, personally, professionally and spiritually.  Utilizing the depth of our experience and training, we have incorporated approaches that address your concerns directly and in depth through presence, compassion and powerful change technologies. 

Together, we have developed a unique approach to working with couples. Married in 1986, we have raised two spirited children and have allowed our life and relationship to be both our teaching and our practice. In 2006 we offered our first couple's retreat in the Northwest, near Eugene and have since offered retreats several times a year. Please visit our Services for Couples page to find out more about this work.

Whether in counseling sessions, workshops or retreats we share the learning, practices and tools that have truly impacted our own lives. We know the benefits!

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