To Love and Be Loved

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"Cherishing, pleasure and joy are what make a relationship worth fighting for these days. The sense of being cherished and of being able to cherish - this is the very core of positive intimacy. It's what gives us strength to withstand troubled times; it's what gives us the motivation to stretch and grow." Terry Real-"New Rules of Marriage"

Terry Real is one of our favorite authors/teachers when it comes to relationship.  His book "New Rules of Marriage" is a gem and one that we recommend often to the couples we see for counseling.  His principle of "cherishing" is one we work with extensively both in couple's counseling sessions and at our retreats.  When we work in relationship to remember to cherish and appreciate one another, the dynamic of the relationship can shift tremendously from conflict to harmony.  What we put our attention toward is what grows in our life. It is that simple

 November 13th-15th we will once again be offering an opportunity for couples to enjoy together the experience of loving and being loved.  We will work with this principle of cherishing one another.  Along with our other three principles.  To read more about our four principles click here.

Over the years our retreats have changed. Though we work with communication and the ways in which couples come into conflict with one another, we have found that there is much more power in simply connecting couples to one another and helping them to find more cherishing and appreciation. It just feels good!

For more information about our November Couple's Retreat click here or email Trinity for an application.  There are just a few spots left so if you are interested let us know soon.

Wishing you Radiant Love,
Trinity and Louis

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