The practice of relationship

Posted on by Radiant Life Center

“In order to have an extraordinary relationship, you have to behave extraordinarily.” Terry Real - author of "New Rules of Marriage

We couldn't agree more with Terry Real.  It requires effort and commitment to create the fulfillment of our desire for heartfelt connection and companionship within the couple relationship. We must be willing to behave extraordinarily and doing this takes our daily tending and practice of partnership. Whether in couple's counseling sessions or at our couple's retreats we seek to help others find their way to behaving extraordinarily ... simply because they and their partners deserve this!

This practice is deep spiritual work, one in which we are called to do the most difficult challenge of being human – accepting others as they are and life we have with them as it is. Where else in life other than in relationship do we have such a powerful mirror to ourselves? And with that mirror the opportunity to gaze within truthfully and take responsibility for our own life and experience?

We live and teach from the simple knowing that our partners can be our most important teachers. Everyday, within our own hearts and minds, we bow to each other out of respect for that and we encourage the couples in our counseling practice to do the same. This is not always easy, as we all live with a faulted human individual and are faulted human individuals ourselves.  That is all part of the work.

So today, what behavior could you bring to your relationship that would be extraordinary? It doesn't have to be over the top, maybe a reach toward your partner with a hug and a true expression of appreciation .... maybe a loving text message or a meal prepared with love and care.