Make Love Every Single Day!

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The recent shooting at Umpqua Community College is one of several recent events in our lives that has ripped at our hearts.  A few weeks prior a dear friend lost someone close to her in a small plane accident.  Today we awoke to an email that a teacher we have long enjoyed and admired (Steve Carter) was shot and killed while walking his dog on a popular hiking trail in Marin County. In each of these situations our awareness has been so potent.  All of these people who died woke up that morning and did not know that this was their day to die.  All of those who loved them said goodbye, not knowing it would be their last goodbye. 

All of this is occurring as our family is coming to the 2 year anniversary of our daughter Grace being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Though she is fine now - healthy and radiant and thriving, we can never forget the brush we had with a potentially deadly disease and how it impacted our awareness that every day is precious. And that "making love" is just that.  Making love, creating love for everyone we care for, infusing our lives and those in it with the energy of love. Because this day could be the last.

We can "make love" with everything we do that is loving toward everyone we care about.  Every kind word we speak, every meal we prepare, every touch, every attempt to understand, every dish we do, absolutely every interaction we can do in the spirit of "making love". Imagine a world of love makers.  It would truly be a different world. But to be a love maker requires us to let go of so much of our personal offense or irritations, our hurts and wounds, our pain...our suffering.  But it is our choice.

So today, how can you make love?