Life Long Romance

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"You cannot sustain the intimacy you enjoyed in the early stage of your relationship unless you are willing to cherish each other in some of the ways that you did at that time.You will not feel like lovers unless you are willing to behave like lovers."
Author: Terrance Real - New Rules of Marriage

We have recently returned from our April couple's retreat "Awakening the Beloved". It was an extraordinary weekend with a beautiful group of couples.  Our main focus was how to sustain satisfying sexuality and intimacy over the course of a long term relationship.  In the romance stage of relationship there is so much that supports passion - when we fall in love there is a cocktail of hormones and neuropeptides that drives our desire for the other.  As our bodies calm down and we move into the next stage of relationship we need practices to keep our love alive. 

Dedicated connection time, and ongoing appreciation of each other are two important aspects of long term satisfactory intimacy.  Clearing resentments we have with one another and healing our own sexual wounding are two other important components.  We worked with all of these during the retreat.

And most importantly, we taught and led exercises that helped people to cherish each other and behave like lovers.  It was awesome to witness and we are deeply honored to facilitate such a beautiful weekend.

Maybe you would like to join us next April?

Wishing you Radiant Love,
Trinity and Louis