Bringing Love to Fear

Posted on by Radiant Life Center

We know that everyone of you reading this is reeling from the impact of the Coronavirus. Whether self-isolating, social distancing, losing your job, canceling plans, dealing with children who can't go to school, watching your stock portfolios disappear, seeing the empty shelves in grocery stores, or fearing for the well-being of loved ones, this pandemic has hit us all, fast and hard, like a sledge hammer. This virus that we were barely speaking of 6 weeks ago is the topic of pretty much every conversation.

Our world will never be the same. Our hearts feel deeply for everyone who is suffering from this devastating occurrence. Pretty much everyone.

We were hours away from a long planned 2 week trip to Kauai when it became clear, after many long and difficult conversations, that we needed to cancel. After a few deep breaths and feelings of disappointment, we decided to escape to the Oregon coast for a few days to disengage from the media drum beat of fear and find our center. We know our roll as helpers requires that we regain that quiet, still place.

Ultimately we sense there are many blessings within this seismic shift. Beautiful information has come our way. Astrologers all seem to agree that this time has been predicted and awaited. There is massive upheaval that will lead to transformation and positive change ... if we let it.

From the council of grandmothers to various visionaries there is a consistent acknowledgment of the the changes that are necessary as humans living on Mother Earth at this time. We feel it is important that we hold a bit of respect for a little tiny virus that can get the attention of humans like few things have.

This practice of social distancing! What a stunning expression of what has been rampant in our world. Humans have been experiencing increasing disconnection and an increasing sense of me and other. So now, forced to isolate, humans are finding a myriad of creative ways to connect. We need each other now more than ever. We need to find ways to stay connected and how very interesting that the very vehicle of our increased distance has become our means of contact.

Now for the Brining Love To Fear Part

Author Elizabeth Gilbert (love her) was asked by the staff of the meditation app Insight Timer to give a talk on fear. We highly recommend listening! The app is free and easy to get (not to mention awesome). Load the app and search her name.

She speaks eloquently to not only having unconditional acceptance of our fear, learning to relate to it, but also being tender, compassionate and loving toward it. She writes daily love letters to her fearful self. A practice we might all benefit from at this time. She says to her fearful self:

"I'm right here." "I see how much you're suffering" "I got you." "I love you." "I am not going anywhere."

What a gift to give ourselves. Just reading the words causes us to take a deeper breath and find center. She also reminds us that as a species we have faced many challenges and much suffering. It is part of life on planet earth. As a result resiliency is within our very nature, or DNA, if you will.

We don't know what is going to happen. No one does. But we do know that loving our fearful selves, being kind to ourselves, loving each other and finding deeper connections to the earth and each other will see us through this time of crisis. And, as always, our own thoughts contribute to the whole of humanity more than we can know. So when you can, let joy and laughter, love and much, much gratitude be part of your day to day.

Please know that we are here to help you through this challenge. Even if it might need to be online for awhile. Just this past week we moved forward on a project of redoing the decking that runs next to Trinity's office and back to Louis' office. We questioned the timing given economic uncertainty but decided to go for it and let it exist as a prayer that very soon, beloved clients would once again walk along it to and from their healing time with us.

We leave you with a favorite question of ours: "I wonder what's going to happen next!?"

With love,

Trinity and Louis