Image Couple's Therapeutic Intensive ~ Oregon

Couple's Therapeutic Intensive ~ Oregon

January 19th and 20th. 

This will be a two day intensive for couples held in Eugene.  This will be a non-residential experience in that couple's will not be in a retreat setting.  Location given upon registration. 

Join us for a deeply transformative experience!  

Different than any retreat we have held before.  Over the course of the two days each couple will have the opportunity to work with us, one on one, outlining the core pattern of their relationship which creates their "stuck' places, all while being witnessed and witnessing the work and healing of every other couple. We will build a powerful container of community and support to hold this transformational work. We will take just 5 couples on an extraordinary journey of recognizing and shifting their core pattern in order to relate to one another more lovingly and authentically.

This weekend workshop is open to couples wanting to heal and improve their relationship for deep, intimate connection.

Using a variety of approaches and techniques each couple will be led by Louis and Trinity, to the evolution of their relationship, unlocking their fullest potential in relating. The combination of couples work and the group format is an extraordinary way for couples to feel and see their conflict as part of what other couples struggle with and heal both from their own work and from witnessing the work of others.

The format is simple: We will begin Saturday morning with getting to know one another and creating a safe container for the group to work in.  Over the course of Saturday and Sunday each couple will have about an hour and half session delving into a core pattern of conflict all while being witnessed by the group.   Debrief time with the group will follow each session. With each couples work the power of the group will grow.  The cumulative experience will become more than the sum of its parts as themes, both universal and highly particular, emerge.

We will build a powerful container of community and support to hold this work. The weekend will involve several components.

  1. Waking up to the core pattern that exist.
  2. Examining and releasing familial patterns that contribute to the pattern.
  3. Relational skills education and practice.
  4. All this held within our 4 principles of Connection, Appreciation, 100% Responsibility and Accepting the other as they are.


Any couple interested in improving their relationship and learning how to live a more harmonious and relational life.  Your willingness, honesty and an open heart are all that we ask for.  We hope you will join us on this extraordinary journey.  

Cost is $550 per couple.

Image credit - Love by Alexander Milay